Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wearing a Dreamy Swimsuit Everyday...

This new Beach Life has really agreed with me.  Our favorite family activity is renting a boat and cruising around the harbor, pretending we're in Arrested Development.

Loose Seal!

I've been obsessed with maillots since we moved here.  I picture wearing them as everyday clothing, with a long skirt and platforms. That way I'm always prepared to jump in the water.
I need to prepared for constant water fun.

If I had a modest wool maillot like these bathing beauties I would wear it alone:  

There were some lovely options shown in the 
ready-to-wear Spring 2012 shows.

 This Prada number has been all over the place:

And while I think it's fab,

I'd prefer this pink/green one:
If I'm going to wear a Prada granny-inspired swimsuit, 
I want it look like a proper granny.

Speaking of hot-granny looks, this Dolce & Gabbana one-piece is amazing.  Paired with a red flared skirt and brown sandals, I would pretend I was on Lido Isle near Venice.  Or Lido Isle off Newport Beach.  Both are equally stunning and the latter is much closer. 

But if I'm going to wear a Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit I would have to go with the glam, sequined version.  
Otherwise, what's the point?

 As far as ubiquitous maillots go, 
these sparkly beauties were unstoppable.  

If I'm going to wear an over-the-top bathing suit, why stop at sequins and jewels?

Why not not just wear a one-piece with a feather bustle?

Or just a spacey, metallic color-burst?

Because that would be taking it too far.  
That's why.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dreaming of the Red Carpet

I have yet to watch the Oscars but what I really can't wait for is to watch the Red Carpet coverage before hand.    

I love looking at attractive people and what they are wearing.

Michael Pitt and his lady Jamie Bochert (I think they're married now) are the embodiment of New York cool.   

How perfect and adorable is Karen Mulder at Cannes?  Supermodels from the (early) 90s really knew how to do glamour. 

Speaking of 90s glamour -- there was the other end of the spectrum with grunge-glamour.  Winona Ryder in vintage and Claire Danes in Miu Miu.

This one-of-kind Isaac Mizrahi on Selma Blair made me weak in the knees.  There were even pockets!  

I adore Amanda Seyfried's blue mini suit from H&M.  

And speaking of mini suits, how killer is This mini suit on the brilliant Daniel Radcliffe?  Aces.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dream Perch

Dreaming of the Perfect Home . . . for a Camera

I am in love with my white Lumix DMC-LX5 
(I call her White Light).

But I have had a hard time finding 
the perfect camera case for it.

When I bought her at B&H I tried to fit her in the Leica leather case but it was a really tight fit and awkward to get into quickly.  
I considered keeping this as a tiny purse (the iPhone did fit in it) but, alas, I was being sensible that day.

The body wouldn't fit in this purple Smythson case but if it did I bet White Light would thank me for it's elegant, soft leather/suede home. 

Well if I want to be super chic and unrealistic I would treat White Light to a Lanvin camera case/bag.  
She'd have to go on an extensive diet but I know she'd be happy.  How many cameras get to live in a case that cost almost $2,000?  Um, don't answer that. 

Well compared to Lanvin, Alexander Wang's leopard print leather camera case is steal at $450.  
It looks roomy enough and I do love an animal print.  Perhaps this is a good option to dream about.    

This modern, psychedelic-nylon case by 
Marc By Marc Jacobs made my heart skip a beat.  
I had to order it and see it in real life, despite it's semi-ridiculous price.  However, the camera barely fit alone, let alone any of the accessories, so it had to go back.

Here's the practical option.  A vintage-inspired poly-vinyl cosmetic bag from Target.  
This one fits not only the camera, but the battery, the USB cable and the lens cloth. It's waterproof and it cost $10.  So for now this is where White Light is living. Considering how much we (my camera and I) love Target, I'd say I made the best choice possible.

Dream Gaze

Jarvis Cocker was my definition of 
ideal masculinity for years and years.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dreaming of Sweets and Hearts

In honor of Valentine's Day, Laduree created Another Seasonal treat.  
Since it's probably too late to request these as my Valentine's Surprise I have filled my day looking at photos of pastel colored sweets.

 Korean Vogue did this story in 2010 and I want to live in these photos.  All white rooms, white dresses and gorgeous desserts.