Saturday, April 28, 2012

Such Lovely and Dreamy Girls

Ballerinas are the dreamiest of all...

they always look like they are about to float away.  

And I adore ballet-inspired fashion 
-- that mix of airy and light and 
constrictive and form fitting clothing

I drool at the sight of a tulle skirt 

or a ballet flat (especially by Chanel or Chloe)

From the audience they look like little fairies 

with their hair swept away from the face to see those delicate cheekbones from years of not eating - I mean dancing.

 So you can imagine how crazy I get when 
magazines shoot ballet-inspired fashion.

And when it's Tim Walker shooting it?  

Monday, April 16, 2012

Suite Dreams

Oh gosh.  I usually roll my eyes at puns but I couldn't help it.  Plus Kate Moss at the Ritz Paris in Vogue -- it's just screaming  for a magazine headline pun.

It's about time American Vogue started using Tim Walker properly.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Think I Live in a Dream State

I think California is beautiful.
And I think New York is beautiful.
And I think Utah is also very beautiful.
And I think Massachusetts is beautiful as well.
Everywhere that I have lived in the States has been lovely.

But right now I am convinced there is no place more beautiful than Birmingham.  

(Does this guy look a little heavy to you?)

True, these were all taken at the Botanical Gardens 
but it really looks like this everywhere you go. 

Want proof?

Here is a photo of my friend and me leaving the office, 
walking to the parking lot.
I really feel more patriotic since moving here.

And I haven't even told you about the food yet.
The food is even better than the trees.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Had a Dream Crushed . . .

Usually I'm a happy person but, tonight 
there's a little bit of sadness in me...

In 1994 I heard my first Pulp song 
and I felt like a light turned on inside me.

I had no idea what Jarvis Cocker the lead singer looked like until 1995 - one full year later.  It was like a joke -- my dream band was fronted by my dream man?

I had photos of him all over my binders in college and I got so many comments from boys in my class asking if I really liked that guy.  It really bothered some of those guys.

All I wanted was to see them live.
I thought my only opportunity would be when Jarvis toured for his solo album because he seemed so over Pulp.  
So I saw him twice on that tour and for one of the shows I stood front row and he rested his gorgeous hand on my head while he sang one of his songs.  Heaven.
Then the announcement -- they were touring again.  And I was determined to see them - whether it be in San Fran or NYC.  And it almost happened.   But alas, my dream job came up and killed my other dream.  

Some of my dear friends saw Pulp tonight in NY.

I'm not at all bitter about it, though.