Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bicycle Dream

I fantasize about a life with a bicycle,
JUST like Freddie Mercury.

You know, the one where you ride your bike to the Farmer's Market to buy vegetables like summer squash and purple asparagus.
. . . and you actually eat those vegetables instead of oreos for lunch.

So when I saw the site for Beg Bicycles
I started to drool.
True, it's a UK site but they do offer to ship to the States (in addition to Italy, Turkey and Australia -- which is so sweet of them).

This is the Betty bike:
which looks perfect for me
because on the front rack I'll put THIS
. . . and, you know, fill it with wild flowers
from the countryside (not oreos)

I always carry giants bags so my perfect bike
will have more storage than a car.

Ergo, this dream sequence will also have a Collina Strada
canvas and leather bag hanging from the back
(that you can buy at Need Supply Co.)
And just for good measure I better throw in an
Original Flea Bag to store in the basket
(if this is a fantasy I want to do it right - which is why I chose an all-white bag).

So there you go:
Ladylike bicycles, farmers markets and bouquets of flowers.

In the meantime those free bike rides
courtesy of Bike and Roll will have to do.

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