Monday, October 20, 2014

Dreamy Halloween Costumes: Couples Edition

So I finally have a permanent Halloween Costume partner and it turns out that this guy hates to dress up for Halloween.  It was like pulling teeth to get him to dress up as Alvie Singer to my Annie Hall.  

Oh, Woody and Diane did it so much better - but at least I got the wrinkles down for authenticity.  

Halloween was always my favorite holiday and one I took tres seriously as you can see HERE, HERE and HERE.  But my legal domestic companion will only dress up if it requires minimal effort. 

You'd think that Lisbeth Salander and 
Mikael Blomkvist would be a perfect fit. . . 

He could dress Scandinavian minimal and I could dress like a punk rock little boy, but, alas, he nixed this idea.

Then there's the obvious:

But he's not a fan of Frida and absolutely HATES Diego (I've told him too many stories, maybe).  I didn't tell him that our engagement photos were an homage to them (by the way, he hated putting his hand on my shoulder like I was property but I was art directing and that's exactly the look I wanted).  

So then I decided to pull from history, cool looking 1960s history, of course.  Like Serge and Jane.  Granted I can't pull off bangs like Jane Birkin (trust, I cut some last week) but I would LOVE to see Hubbo in one of Serge Gainsbourg's suits.

 He said absolutely not, no one would know we were in costume (I offered to carry a basket and he still refused!).

OK, fine, but EVERYONE knows Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.

It's crazy that Richard's smoking on his wedding day DURING the wedding photos.  Crazy amazing!  
You KNOW I already have all the flowers and wire to make her wedding 'veil,' but guess what . . .he said 'No.'

And he said 'No' to Talitha and John Paul Getty (in Morocco, of course).  I didn't even mention her heroin overdose!  

His main argument was, surprise!, that no one would know who we were.  Maybe they wouldn't but I would and I would love to see him draped in robes.  

Ok, fine, maybe people wouldn't recognize all those people but SURELY, SURELY he would agree on Mick and Bianca.

If we stuck to their wedding day attire and I kept a dour look on my face because my husband-to-be had just given me a prenuptial agreement, then EVERYONE would know who we were . . . 

He disagreed.

I got more of a reaction when I suggested Jack and Wendy 

from the Shining but I think the idea of me in overalls 

made him finally say no to that one as well.   

Well if movies were his jam, then Only Lovers Left Alive 
would be my first choice.  

Especially if I could wear this gorgeous caftan
This was a strong 'NO!' from him.  He argued that for SURE no one would know who we were.  'They would if we were in New York,' I grumbled.  

OK, maybe Jim Jarmusch wasn't huge in Austin but you know Wes Anderson is.  And, with Tilda on my mind and a desire to dress like a Golden Girl I suggested Madame D. and M, Gustave from The Grand Budapest Hotel.  

He counted with Zero and Agatha and I was shocked!  This would require a costume on his part.  Excited, I started to plan our outifts.  Then Hubbo told me, in reality he probably wouldn't do it.  Well, I guess I'm glad he's honest.

Maybe I can trick him into this at the last minute:

Friday, September 12, 2014

Twig + Tree

Yet Another Dreamy Collaboration with Target

Oh Target, you can do no wrong in my eyes.  Even if you're not making your Next Collaboration in plus sizes and therefore alienating a large part of your demographic, I still love you.  I probably couldn't fit in the new clothes too but I still appreciate that you teamed up with Joseph Altuzarra.

When I saw this:

I was instantly in love but I also thought, hmm, how do I know this?

Oh right, it's all Tom Ford.  It's Tom Ford for Gucci, Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford solo.  

Surely, I'm not the only person to see this?  Not that I have a problem with it - I loved it then and I love it now.  

I mean let's start with the Gucci red velvet suit that was all over 1996.  (Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow wore it to the MTV Music Awards in the 90's when she was still adorable and hadn't opened her mouth so much she become annoying?  The story goes she sat next to Ford at a dinner party or something and he was so charmed by her he sent her over a suitcase full of Gucci in her size.  Sign, and that was a good year for Gucci.)

Yep, there it is.

Signature Tom Ford colors . . . Like his sexy burgundy, when really burgundy has no right being sexy because it can be such a dated color. . . 

Check.  There are tons of pieces in Burgundy and Emerald Green.    Colors Tom made relevant.     

The Tom Ford Exaggerated-Strong-Shoulder-Yet-Still-Tres-Feminine?

Oh good, there it is and in Burgundy.

Tom Ford's subtle Chinoiserie. . . .

They've got that too:

A touch of Tom Ford Bohemian + Modern Woman?

Just the right amount of skin, sheerness and black.

Tom Ford's fun Snakeskin (when I was in college I dreamt of wearing this dress - not sure where I would have worn it but I wanted it so bad)?

Now I can try the Target version (if they make it in my size):

Tom Ford's perfect skinny scarf to make office attire so dang hot.

Phew, they have one. 

That perfect fitted Tom Ford suit. . . 

I'm so glad Joseph Altuzarra knows you can't have too many black, skinny suits, especially ones that smack of Tom Ford.

Tom Ford's obi-style belt over outerwear?

Over 10 years later and it still looks good.

Tom Ford Faux Fur jacket and sexy pencil skirt?  Hopefully Altuzarra included that.

And he did.

And Tom Ford at his Best: Sexy black dress with the right amount of skin, showcasing the best of the feminine figure, vague ethnic influences, and mixed materials.

Check, Check, Check (hey, like that band !!!)

I have no idea what price points are (I guess the internet can tell me), I have a feeling this might be pricier than other Target Colabs, but at least it won't come close to anything Tom Ford touches.  And, like I said, I'm ignoring The Boycott.  If most of the clothes don't fit me it's actually better for my wallet.