Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dream Burger: Texas Road Trip Edition

I've been getting emails from Free People and Urban Outfitters about road trips and people running around the desert in weather-inappropriate clothing and it really made me want to get out of town.

So Magic Man and I took a mini road trip.  We had limited time  (we had to be back in time to pick up the kiddies) so there was no stopping to frolic in the hills, but I did get to take photos of the changing landscape.  

(Did someone T.P. a fence?)

Orange County?
(say in a longing voice)

Magic Man said the warmer weather is here because of all the bugs.  I guess our windshields ARE cleaner in the winter.

We passed our old friend,  Fredericksburg, and finally hit our destination: The Alamo Springs Cafe.   I told you we'd be back.

 This is what we saw when we drove up and Hubbo asked again if this was really a restaurant.  He was also impressed with the pristine truck and knew the year of the car, but I forgot.

You seat yourself and Magic Man was a little bummed out that I would not stop taking photos since it was such a low-key place.

But I couldn't stop - there were so many charming details and I couldn't get over the Texas-sized portions.  

We'll be back.  The food was THAT good and I think Hubbo wants to go back for the Burger Challenge - it's a burger with 6 patties, 6 slices of cheese and large fries.  Then he'll have to walk home to avoid a heart attack.  

Plus I want to return to see some shows on this stage: 

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Dreamiest Market Ever

When they announced a new Whole Foods at The Domain I knew it was going to be my new favorite location.  And not just because it's 5 minutes from our home.   
They treated their store opening as a big block party and the atmosphere felt like we lived in a small neighborhood.  

My mom and I paid a visit on opening day,


(This one is my favorite and not just because we had 12 things when we checked out.)

But wait, there's more . . .This one has yoga classes and waffle -sandwich Friday (I haven't had one but I love the sound of it) and live music.

And my favorite of favorite things:
Local Terrariums! Come on!

I know the Downtown Location is the big, fancy (and flagship) store to go to but this location has better parking ergo this will be the one I take my visiting friends to.

We'll order pressed juice, chocolate cookies and ramen bowls. 

 And then we'll leave with this: 

Best Austin, TX souvenir yet.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


A Dreamy Little German Town

One day I'll drop the 'Dream' theme - but not yet . . . 

Magic Man, my parents and I took a spontaneous day trip to Fredericksburg, TX, a small, touristy German town about 70 miles from us in Austin.  We were en route to go hiking but changed our minds after we left home, just because.  But I will say both my mom and I felt mildly uncomfortable in our hiking garb all day.

We took our time driving out there, stopping in the town of Dripping Springs and the LBJ State Park.  We didn't even know about The Park but when we saw buffalos we knew we had to stop.

OK, technically you're not supposed to get as close to the buffalo as we did but my mom was insistent that we get closer and she doesn't have the nickname 'Cruise Director' for nothing.

The night before Hubbo and I had watched 'Staying Alive,' because, you know, it's genius, and we could not stop dancing or jumping around (it's a truly infectious movie).  

We came upon a darling deer family - so many babies. It was almost too charming.

We finally hit Fredericksburg, and like the deer - it was almost too charming.  

So many adorable shops, even the Chase bank had charm.

I could have spent all day in Red, but since we had the mens with us, I had to keep my perusing to a minimum. 

Again, I wanted to spend forever in Dooley's 5-10-25 Store, but the mens were not into.  Can't imagine why. . . 

But before we left I did buy a die-cast pencil sharpener.  

My parents used to buy me these when I was little (isn't this a perfect souvenir trinket from the '80s?) and they fill me with nostalgia when I see them.

 For dinner we were torn: do we head 30 minutes away to the Alamo Springs Cafe for what has been called the best burger in TX or go to a traditional German restaurant on Main St?  

We chose the latter because we were super hungry, so The Auslander won.    
Dad was especially excited (being German and all) for a big (heavy) German meal.  I was skeptical because I'm not in love with this genre of food, and it seemed so touristy but I loved my chicken fried chicken and the bread was amazing.  

It was such a dreamy mini adventure and I can't wait to go back - maybe with just my mom or other ladies who want to stroll and shop at a leisurely pace.