Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Dreamy NY Trip From Ages Ago

Ahh, remember when I used to live in NY?
I'd go to museums on my lunch break like it was no big deal?

And I saw my little Monkey sister everyday (because we were roommates)?

And we'd pretend to be annoyed at all the tourists at Christmas time but would still go to Rockefeller Center?

 And there were dinners with these ladies?  

And we'd go to see my Little Monkey sister perform at clubs all over downtown? (This was her nod to Sally Bowles, isn't she adorable?)

 And my bestie from college was always there?  (Well for 6 of my 8 years.)

For my last birthday (when I turned Old), Monkey flew we to New York to celebrate properly.

Which meant that Bergdorf Goodman was the first stop.  

One of my gifts was an appointment to the Braid Bar at the John Barrett salon which meant no washing my hair for a week!  My dream!

Then maybe I did a little shopping . . . 

Like at Forever 21 (which might be age-inappropriate)

And the sale department at Anthropologie.
 Valentine's Day Dress . . . Check.

Joe Fresh . . .Well, I wanted this one but when I sent this photo to Magic Man  . . . 

He sent this photo back to me:

So I decided I could not buy the crazy, silver, sequined blazer.  

Instead, I chose a demure black version:
 Ha! That'll show him.  
Or me when I try to sport this in Texas and get thrown out of everywhere.

Then there was my old NY stand-by, Necessary Clothing (THEY have a retail site and Joe Fresh doesn't?!)
This is my version of the oversized Dude Sweater.

And this killed me!
A blatant knock-off of a Dries van Noten pattern!?  

Like we would't notice.  
I didn't buy this one, by the way, out of respect for lovely Dries.  

Can we discuss the state of young people's clothing?  
These were being sold and not as a joke or for a costume and there were being worn too.  I don't get it. 
 Except for the high-waisted, elastic waist versions. But those make me feel guilty for even thinking of wearing them.  Too comfortable.

Back to my birthday celebration, my lovely friends and sister treated me to a luxe manicure.  
Can you spy my Marc Jacobs socks bought that day at Century 21?  My new new favorites.

And there was so much walking.  And so many wild animals.

And the best part, our traditional dinner at L'Asso.
 How is it possible this place is still a secret and we always get a banquet table for 8 like it's no big deal?  Heaven!

And I'm kind of in love with Kirk's camera.  You know Kirk, he's my friend who got a shout out from Uhh Yeah Dude from stage.    

It was a tres short trip but one that I'm still dreaming about.
Especially since College Bestie is leaving NY soon and Monkey just had HER birthday.  

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