Thursday, November 14, 2013

From One Dream Locale to Another

So Magic Man and I packed up

And relocated from Meridian, MS 

to Austin, TX.

And although I wanted a tad more time in the Deep South (can you blame me?) . . . 

(why yes that is a peacock in our tree) 

And at my job at Coastal Living 

(I loved going to work everyday) . . . 

. . .I do adore Austin.

The day after we moved we were asked to submit a video as a possible location for Tig Notaro's Road Trip Documentary.  We didn't get picked but now we have a record of our first days in here.  

As you can see Here: 

and here:

And now starts a new chapter, where I can wake up at 6:00AM and drive 5 minutes to the nearest H&M (1 of 2 that were selected in Texas) and be the 5th person in line. . . .

to shop the Isabel Marant X H&M event.

This couldn't have happened in the Deep South and if I was still in NY or CA it would have sold out. 

I guess this classic song has it right:

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