Monday, February 24, 2014

The Dreamiest Market Ever

When they announced a new Whole Foods at The Domain I knew it was going to be my new favorite location.  And not just because it's 5 minutes from our home.   
They treated their store opening as a big block party and the atmosphere felt like we lived in a small neighborhood.  

My mom and I paid a visit on opening day,


(This one is my favorite and not just because we had 12 things when we checked out.)

But wait, there's more . . .This one has yoga classes and waffle -sandwich Friday (I haven't had one but I love the sound of it) and live music.

And my favorite of favorite things:
Local Terrariums! Come on!

I know the Downtown Location is the big, fancy (and flagship) store to go to but this location has better parking ergo this will be the one I take my visiting friends to.

We'll order pressed juice, chocolate cookies and ramen bowls. 

 And then we'll leave with this: 

Best Austin, TX souvenir yet.

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