Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dream Burger: Texas Road Trip Edition

I've been getting emails from Free People and Urban Outfitters about road trips and people running around the desert in weather-inappropriate clothing and it really made me want to get out of town.

So Magic Man and I took a mini road trip.  We had limited time  (we had to be back in time to pick up the kiddies) so there was no stopping to frolic in the hills, but I did get to take photos of the changing landscape.  

(Did someone T.P. a fence?)

Orange County?
(say in a longing voice)

Magic Man said the warmer weather is here because of all the bugs.  I guess our windshields ARE cleaner in the winter.

We passed our old friend,  Fredericksburg, and finally hit our destination: The Alamo Springs Cafe.   I told you we'd be back.

 This is what we saw when we drove up and Hubbo asked again if this was really a restaurant.  He was also impressed with the pristine truck and knew the year of the car, but I forgot.

You seat yourself and Magic Man was a little bummed out that I would not stop taking photos since it was such a low-key place.

But I couldn't stop - there were so many charming details and I couldn't get over the Texas-sized portions.  

We'll be back.  The food was THAT good and I think Hubbo wants to go back for the Burger Challenge - it's a burger with 6 patties, 6 slices of cheese and large fries.  Then he'll have to walk home to avoid a heart attack.  

Plus I want to return to see some shows on this stage: 

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