Monday, March 17, 2014

Ahhh, Apartment Life. Tres Dreamy...Sort Of

 When we first moved in the apartment looked like this for a while.  

But now it looks like this:

Just kidding.  It usually looks like this:

I have a bad habit of subscribing to a newspaper and not reading them right away, then letting them pile up and eventually binge reading all of them.  Hubbo once walked in and saw the giant pile on the floor and said 'Worst $20 I've ever spent.'   

I bought this table and rug when I was single the rug I wasn't crazy about but it was cheap and I needed one STAT.  Now I'm glad we have it because it's the dining room rug and if it gets drawn on with purple marker or stained with juice I'm like, 'eh, no big deal.'  Now the purple marker on the table made me a little sad but I got over it.  At least we are getting good craft-use out of it.

 We DO have two nice patios that we try to use anytime the weather is nice.  

It's like a little Mississippi (we had bonfires weekly there) - only illegal.

So what does the apartment look like when THIS guy has a birthday? 

Well, like this:

 We had: 2 twin brothers + 1 perfect mom-in-law + 1 sister-in-law and 1 husband + 3 kids stay with us 2 in a 2 bed/2 bath apt for 7 days. 
I think most people would say that might be a bit much but I happen to have amazing in-laws who WANT to spent as much time together as possible.   

Magic Man's Birthday was a week-long celebration.   

I love this because he really IS saying 'let me open my own gift.'

Hubbo and his girls.

And where was Lil'Dude?

Protecting his precious toys.

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