Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dreamiest Decade Ever - No Question

I was telling Magic Man about how wonderfully, perfect the 90s were.  I said it was the last true creative decade and had a huge aesthetic impact on how we live today.  He replied, "Well, do you just think that because that was your heyday?"  I was incredulous!  This wasn't a question or debate, I was stating a fact.  

Then I had to really think this over.  I was in high school and college in the 90s; I was discovering music and there were still super models and designers were rock stars and magazines weren't about pandering to a digital generation - they were producing art.  Or so I always thought . . . I decided to go back and reexamine the decade and do you know what?  It's better than I imagined! 

We had Ellen Von Unwerth keeping American Vogue interesting! 

Anna Sui was making perfect vintage looking dresses.  And, NO ONE had eyebrows.

There were a new crop of photogs like David Sims making models look androgynous and sexy.

And, there were all these waif-y Super Models: Amber Valletta, Shalom Harlow and, of course, Kate Moss.  

 If there was no Kate Moss there would have been no 90s.  
It's a fact.

Magazine covers were actually interesting and not celebrity- driven snooze fests.

Steven Meisel was king - he basically shot every feature in Vogue and every advertisement.

Sofia Coppola went from 'It Girl' to 'Movie director who casts It Girls.'

And, did I mention Kate Moss?

I get so bored when I look at magazines today.  Occasionally I'll see a spread that looks beautiful and interesting but it's not how I felt in the 90s.  Except for one photographer who Never disappoints: Olivia Bee.  Part fairy, part wunderkind, she creates images that take me back to the glorious 90s.

And, I do love that Hermes hired her to shoot their 2012 their catalogue when she was 18.  It gives me hope for fashion.

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