Friday, August 15, 2014

Creating a Dream Room for the Kids

If all goes to plan, Magic Man and I will be moving into a new home in September.  Of all the rooms, I'm most excited about the kids' room.  Our last one was kind of fun even though we were limited to what we could do in an apartment.  

Their bed is my absolute dream come true: easily sleeps four, works as a guest bed and has storage built in.  Amazing!  I only have a few blurry photos (but it was my favorite place in our apartment):

Ikea fabric is the greatest for easy to hang and then remove decor.

I started to research alternate closets because one small closet is not enough for 4 kids.

Then I started to look at isolated play areas for make believe time (they love their Ikea circus tent at my parent's house). 

Then I started to pull photos for inspiration - and see what overall look I wanted to go for.  Apparently it's chaos and color. Beautiful, beautiful chaos (and color).  Because you know they'll turn it to chaos anyway.

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