Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dream Movie Wardrobe - French Edition

Ah, I love documenting movies for their wardrobe.
Who cares if the photos aren't as sharp and it takes forever?

Charlotte Gainsbourg in 'I Do' (or 'Prête-moi Ta Main') is a study in French-Girl-Crush-Perfection.

Look One:

A worn in, strategically cut-up American shirt.

Paired with even more well-worn denim cut-offs.

What could improve this look?

Oh I don't know, 
how about a leather belt 
clearly made in Texas?

So American yet so not at the same time.

But wait - there's more:
burgundy over-the-knee socks!
Skinny, little Charlotte, you are killing me!

Look Two:

Her delicate rolled up blouse is so effortless.
And her scruffy side swept hair is a dream.
 She makes me want to wear jeans.

Look Three:

It looks simple enough.  
Cap-sleeved t-shirt, wide belt and jeans.

Then she turns around and all of a sudden:  
And skinny.

Then a dramatic scene in the movie reveals:
A chain-linked detail on the sleeve!
Best plot twist ever.

But this is the look that keeps on giving.

The night ends and she throws 
on a comfy but not slobby sweater.

Look Four:

Jeans, black suede boots and a slouchy bag.

And a perfectly well-constructed coat.  
 So lovely.  You know it fits likes a glove and was probably hand-sewn by soft hands

Look Five:

This white dress drove me crazy.

 So subtle yet like everything else French, 
insanely sexy.

But not too sexy.

Look Six:

I know military coats have been done but I want this.  

I love when movie characters recycle their wardrobe throughout the course of a film.  
It makes everything a bit more believable.  
Except, I will never believe this one. . .

. . . would date this guy: 

 But let's get back to this coat.

Even the detail of the sleeve made me swoon.

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  1. I love how you watch movies. And I'm so surprised you love a white dress.