Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dreaming of Donuts in LA

Ah, donuts.  When I was growing up my dad would bring us donuts every other Saturday morning, so they would be waiting for us when we woke up.  Not that I need to justify loving donuts with a story about my childhood.   

When I moved to LA I thought nothing would fill the empty space left behind by New York's Doughnut Plant.  
I used to live close to their shop (they are closed on Mondays! I know because I went twice on Monday before it clicked) and would check several times a week for their Passion Fruit doughnut (they change daily).  I can say in all my years of doughnut eating that the Passion Fruit Doughnut is the best doughnut ever created.    
The others aren't so bad though.

Stan's Donuts in Westwood was one of the first places I went to when I moved to CA.  
I am a sucker for anything that's pink - especially homemade pink frosting.  Their Simpson's Donut is pretty close to a perfect pink donut.  I think it's the strawberry bits in the frosting - that reassures me that this is the real thing. 

If you're in LA and want a donut you have to try Randy's Donuts at least once.  You'll probably go back more than once, especially if you like giant glazed donuts or coconut donuts.  
Then there's the photo-opp factor.  
You always need to take a photo.

A newer 'donut' destination is not technically a donut.  Fonuts are actually baked and don't really taste like donuts but they are delicious.  Plus, I am partial to them because my sister (in the orange shoes) took me there when I was having a sad day.

They actually have a sit-down area both inside and outside, which is rare for a donut-joint.  I loved the grey and yellow exterior.

Chorizo Cheddar might change your life.  And, they have a pink donut called Strawberry Buttermilk which is actually like the most perfect miniature strawberry cake.  
 Since my last visit (we went right when it opened) they added passion fruit coconut which I must need to try soon.  I won't compare it to the Passion Fruit at Doughnut Plant, it can be it's own special, little donut-shaped cake.  

These places will have to do until they open up a Gregg's in America.  Oh pink jelly-filled, pink frosted, Pink Jammie, how I miss you.

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  1. I love doughnuts so much. I have had most of The Doughnut Plant's doughnuts, but never the passion fruit one. I must make a special trip out there to try it.