Sunday, March 11, 2012

As I Continue to Dream About Beachwear...

Remember when I was dreaming of wearing Vintage-Inspired Maillots for my everyday clothes?

You should it was only a few days ago.

Well, I want to take that one step further -- and wear hats that match my swimwear.

APC first gave me the idea last summer with this:
I have become quite obsessed with this actually because I bought this two-piece but passed on the hat.  It seemed like a silly extravagance and a bit much.  I must have been in a bad place at the time because normally 'silly' and 'too much' describe most of my ensembles.  The hat has since sold out and I've turned into a bit of a maniac every few weeks checking to see if someone is selling it online.  Such a sad story.  I'm weeping as I recount it.

Moving on. . . 

I did buy a sewing pattern 
for a bathing suit and hat -- maybe I can find a madras plaid in a similar enough color to Look like it matches?

I know, I know, call me Ahab.  I need to stop before I drown in my own obsessive manner.

In the meantime I will just soothe myself with images of suits and matching hats:

Plus maybe this visualization will help the plaid sun hat find its way into my life.  

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