Wednesday, April 4, 2012

As I Continue to Dream of a Coastal Vacation...

Maybe Miami isn't the best place for my dream holiday.

Maybe I need to think even deeper.

Like James Bond deep.
(Doesn't this smack of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?)

Remember in License to Kill when James Bond goes to a wedding 
in Key West and mad adventure ensues?

I think this bridge exploded.  
I can't be bothered to re-watch it right now, 
so let's just assume.

So Key West has now become my next dream destination.

And as much as I love a Jame Bond film, I really want to go for the Hemingway history.  
Look, I know he had issues with women, but can you blame him?  His mom dressed him up as girl when he was a baby.  

Plus, have you seen photos of his house?  

Casa de mis suenos.
I want to go to there.

So now comes to my favorite part.  
In my head Key West isn't just 90s glamour, 
it's 1990 Glamour.

Just really dated and really awesome.

I tried to google Key West Fashion and what came up looked even older than 1990.  (I apologize if you are from Key West and disagree.  I'm just going with google images.)  So I was giving them the benefit of the doubt by saying 1990.  I can't do 80s fashion.  It's too real for me.  Too much reality not enough irony.  

Which is why I've decided to reference even older decades, like the 40s and 50s.

Actually, maybe I'll just dress straight up like Hemingway.


  1. now I want to go to the Key West.

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