Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dreaming of a Coastal Getaway

I had a perfect family holiday in Miami once.

We went in January when my sister and I were living in NY.
 Which meant even though it was in the low 70s 
we were going to the beach.
You could tell who the New Yorkers were because they were laying out while the locals were bundled up. AND the New Yorkers were reading The Post from their lounge chairs.
We stayed at the Delano (who like their furniture big).
 The white on white rooms were my alter-ego's dream. (I vacillate  between clashing prints as you can see below, and whiter than white simplicity.)       
  I just remember being so darn happy there.   
 I think this coupled with my recent move closer to the Atlantic  has got me thinking that I need to go there again.  Soon.

 Not to mention I have been listening to a ton of PitBull.

And Miami always represented 90s Glamour 
and you know how I feel about the 90s.
 90s Glamour, Miami & Niki Taylor all go hand-in-hand.

 But most importantly, I would love to vist a city 
where pants are optional.