Thursday, January 23, 2014

Children in Non-Children's Museums, Dreamy Combo or No?

I know Children's Museums are supposedly the way to go with kids but with our four energetic and diverse (read: all four always want to do four completely different things) kiddies, I'm still working up to visiting the new one in Austin (we went to one in Tennessee and one in Alabama so I'm not just making this up).

So I took a cue from my mom and dressed up our girlies for a visit to the Blanton Museum of Art.  I did a preliminary tour to make sure the art was age appropriate and then decided I'd take only our three girls (ages 4, 6 and 8).  
I'd been dying to break out these skirts from Old Navy (Old Navy was my go-to place for building a wardrobe for four kids from scratch on a limited budget) and thought the girls' first trip to a 'Grown Up Museum' was the perfect place.

Their Lifelike exhibit was a big hit (meaning, all three loved it and were happy to stay in the same room looking at the same art).

 In the end, our visit was short and sweet (we left just as a mini melt down was beginning) and our 6 yr old is already asking for another visit to the 'Grown Up Museum.'

Our second museum trip in Austin was to the Bullock Texas State History Museum to see the Extreme Mammals Exhibit with all six of us and Mimi.  Having three adults for four kids was such a luxury (and we had someone to take a family photo of us).

(And I know there are more photo ops in the Bullock Museum but camera time was limited to areas with natural light and those rare moments when I didn't need both hands.)

Verdict: I love taking our kiddies no non-children's museums and they seem to love it too.  They've been such great sports that now I think it's time to visit the Thinkery.  

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