Thursday, January 26, 2012

Avedon and His Dreamy Women

Richard Avedon was such a dreamboat 
AND a talented photographer, of course.  
I've already praised his portraits of men Here and Here, but I have not really expounded on my love for his photos of women.  I idolize and adore them, in case you could not guess where this post was going.   

His celebrity photos celebrate exactly why we are obsessed with these people.  How is it possible he made Elizabeth Taylor even more perfectly beautiful than she already was?

Avedon's portraits of socialites made them human while stil holding onto that 'you wish you were us' mentality.  

And he made statue-esque models leap from the pages.  For the first time fashion photography had movement.

He influenced some of the greatest photog's since.  Hello!  You know Helmut-Newton-the-Photographer was born when he saw this sexy lady.

 Of all his photos of women, 
this one is my favorite:
I first saw it at the ICP in New York and could not take my eyes off her (Donyale Luna).  I've never wanted to own an expensive piece of art more.  Maybe one day.

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