Friday, January 20, 2012

Becoming a Dreamy Cat Lady

I love 'cat culture.'  
Obsessed with it even.

But in the past I have made no attempt 
to actually like the cats.
 Or let them touch me.

 But I think I'm melting.

During my last visit to San Diego 
I let this one nap with me.  
(Well I let him sleep on my bed for about 1 minute before I freaked out.  But it was a genuine 60 seconds.)

And then when I was in Los Angeles last 
I could not stop petting this one. 
 (Then I went and washed my hands twice before 
touching anything else.  A huge step for me.)

 Basically I am doing everything I can (one baby step at a time) to be like Grace Coddington.  

Or better yet, Karen Elson posing as Grace Coddington.  
Look at those kitties' smashed faces!  And I love her Gaelic frizzy hair and boxy silhouettes.  
Yeah, I could get into real live cats if it means taking a step towards being like my girl-editor-crush.  

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