Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dreamy Decor Details

As a game (and to stall organizing my room) I was looking at old photos I have collected through the years and puzzling together which items would best fill this Room:
No, it's not my room, it belongs to 
young L.A. actress I have not heard of.   

To start, I would hang outdoor lights 
from Restoration Hardware indoors,

And a faux-animal head or two 
(I know! they look so real) from Anthropologie,

I would add a small side table and drape this Snow Grid tablecloth (also from Anthropologie) over it,

And display some vintage brass candle sticks (candles might be optional as I do not want them to drip wax on my pretty tablecloth).

 I think to contribute to the antiquated feel some needlepoint would be in order and what better form of needlepoint than a line or two from The Smiths?

To top it off I would add a cashmere pillow from Armand Diradourian using my favorite motif, the tree.  

Or a piece of fruit.

Or a snake. 

 Ha! Were you expecting the pillows to have a Biblical Creation Theme?  Not to make light of the temptations in the Garden of Eden, but I would love to have all three scattered around the house.  

And since I am fond of the macabre, I would need it in black. 

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