Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wearing a Dreamy Swimsuit Everyday...

This new Beach Life has really agreed with me.  Our favorite family activity is renting a boat and cruising around the harbor, pretending we're in Arrested Development.

Loose Seal!

I've been obsessed with maillots since we moved here.  I picture wearing them as everyday clothing, with a long skirt and platforms. That way I'm always prepared to jump in the water.
I need to prepared for constant water fun.

If I had a modest wool maillot like these bathing beauties I would wear it alone:  

There were some lovely options shown in the 
ready-to-wear Spring 2012 shows.

 This Prada number has been all over the place:

And while I think it's fab,

I'd prefer this pink/green one:
If I'm going to wear a Prada granny-inspired swimsuit, 
I want it look like a proper granny.

Speaking of hot-granny looks, this Dolce & Gabbana one-piece is amazing.  Paired with a red flared skirt and brown sandals, I would pretend I was on Lido Isle near Venice.  Or Lido Isle off Newport Beach.  Both are equally stunning and the latter is much closer. 

But if I'm going to wear a Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit I would have to go with the glam, sequined version.  
Otherwise, what's the point?

 As far as ubiquitous maillots go, 
these sparkly beauties were unstoppable.  

If I'm going to wear an over-the-top bathing suit, why stop at sequins and jewels?

Why not not just wear a one-piece with a feather bustle?

Or just a spacey, metallic color-burst?

Because that would be taking it too far.  
That's why.

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