Monday, October 31, 2011

If You Want a Dreamy Costume . . .

. . . Just head to Deseret Industries,
a magical thrift store located all over The West
(it's also a nonprofit, vocational rehabilitation facility, which means there's good karma all over.)

I've had really good luck here with various dresses/costumes.
(Here I am last December when I needed
a classic holiday gown.)

And look who was parked in front the last time I went:
The most awesome car ever born.

For Halloween this year I went to the D.I.
in downtown Los Angeles hoping to recreate this:

I found this dress for $6 that originally had a white belt sewn on. I unstitched the belt and gathered the hem for volume.

I added tulle and lace sleeves for an 80's touch and borrowed my sister's crinoline.

Don't worry, I had a Beetlejuice with me so people wouldn't mistake me for PJ Harvey or Amy Winehouse.

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  1. I want to hang out with you every halloween. We can make costumes together. You look amazing.