Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dreaming of Dragons and Fire

I think I missed the mark on my Halloween costume this year.
I knew I wanted the costume to include a partner, like my Black Swan ensemble last year, and I did not want it to be too obvious (like dressing as Black Swan this year).
But instead of Beetlejuice I should have gone this route:
Oh no, sorry I meant This route:
No offense to the original Swedish movies.
Niles Arden Oplev did an amazing job on the trilogy
But I think this is just a tad too Swedish for me
(and whoever I chose to dress up with).
Oh, maybe that last photo was just an awkward shot,
because this one isn't so bad:
But I'd still rather be the David Fincher version,
for obvious reasons.

Daniel Craig as Blomkvist is making me melt and I haven't even seen the movie. And I adore his wardrobe.

Assuming I would be thin enough to attempt to be Lisbeth Salander, step one would be getting the details for hair and make-up. Piercings, asymmetrical haircut, bleached eyebrows:
The bleached eyebrows would be especially fun to sport.
I've wanted to try that look since Christina Ricci bleached her's for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Imagine going out the next morning looking similar to this:
I can't wait for Rooney Mara to break my heart and intimidate me with her bony structure and pale skin.

Then we move on to her wardrobe created by Trish Summerville.
I have a hoodie but no jean jacket.
I might also need tougher boots.
I would need a longer winter cape,
mine is a tad too cropped.
I've wanted a tough puffy jacket that isn't bright orange for quite some time now.
I'm sure I have a hat similar to this one, but I will jump at any excuse to buy another unisex oversized beanie.
Hmmm, these photos must have been on Rooney's day off because I don't think Lisbeth would work out in Nike
and shop at Ikea.

Maybe it's best that I waited, because Trish Summerville has a collection coming out for H&M in December based on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. December 14th to be specific.
I can't wait to peruse the skinny leather (or more likely faux-leather) jackets and pants and faded, slouchy shirts. Maybe I should try the hair and eyebrows after all.

One more positive thing about the new American version are all the editorials coming out to promote it.
Thank you W
and Vogue.

Maybe I'll just go into a Lisbeth-light phase in my life right now. Wardrobe wise. I usually wear pants in the winter months anyway.

And next Halloween to be slightly-ahead-of-relevant I'll just be the Swedish version of The Girl Who Played With Fire.

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