Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dreaming about Halloween

For years I've wanted to dress as Penelope Tree at
Truman Capote's Black & White Ball for Halloween.
Every time I propose this someone will bring up the fact that NO ONE will know who this is. Which is ridiculous because that was a magical night for Penelope -- Diana Vreeland discovered her at the Ball and her career was launched.

So back to 2011. What to be for Halloween?

I've already been a Harry Potter character for 4 years in a row (I have a thing for British uniforms).

Marie Antoinette (Ash was 'Red Riding Hood')

Frida Kahlo (Ash was 'Ashes')

Hester Prynne (Ash was Dana Barrett from Ghostbusters)
(Baby Pearl wanted a costume and since it
was 2008 she chose The Joker from Batman.)

Karen O (Ash was a Belligerent Bar Maid)

The White Swan (Rachel was Black Swan)

Alright, no Penelope Tree -- yet. Maybe if I ever get invited to a Diana Vreeland party I can break it out.

So I guess the next logical choice would be Lydia Deetz.

But will people know who I am if I go sans Beetlejuice?

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