Monday, October 10, 2011

Dreamy Guilty Pleasure

Today I discovered a guilty pleasure that America has been enjoying for years.

It's this shopping show where people plug different products from hotels and restaurants to clothing and cars. They outline very clearly what city to find them in and the name and who to ask for.

Some favorites included these Louboutin's:
(Even if they are a few years old.)
Those brown YSL sandals aren't bad either.
They both seem like they could be used as a neutral color, no?

A gold Cartier Love ring:
The perfect accessory for when you need a good cry.
I know it would have helped me today when I had my good cry.

I wouldn't have been so bold as to pair them with a pink cable-knit sweater like this young lady did, but I would have loved to wear them with a grey and tan striped sweater or a black button-up shirt.

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