Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dream Vampire

No! I'm Not talking about
the Robert Pattinson Twilight Vampire.

Nor am I referring to the CW-sexy-licious Vampire Diaries Vampires.

I'm talking about the 90's Francis Ford Coppola Vampire, Dracula.
You remember, that quasi-disastrous, maybe-awesome movie with British Heart-Throb Gary Oldman and original Indie-Darling Winona Ryder? I loved and was disappointed with that movie at the same time.

But the editorials they did to promote the film were perfect,
and so hot, that I had no choice but to forgive
Dracula and all its faults. This shoot was for the cover of the now-closed Premiere magazine and was the start of a massive crush on Mr. Oldman.

I remember Winona wore Alaia to the premiere
and I wanted to swoon
(come on, it was the early 90s and this is what people wore to be cool). Alaia is such an enfant terrible, he makes movie stars pay full price for his clothes and doesn't have a website.

Back then Gary Oldman was the perfect 90s leading man. He was British, had a temper, could be both ugly and handsome, and married a teenage Uma Thurman. Everything you could ever want in a vampire.

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