Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dream Animals that Aren't Alive

I'm not a fan of live animals but pieces of animals?   
Yes please.  

Like Burberry's Fox-head belt. 

Or the claw boot from Friends of Mine.
If I don't own this at some point, 
then I don't know what.

Alligator Jaws? 
Best purchase I made in Florida.

And I'd say moving to the South has given me plenty of exposure to non-living animals. 
(It's OK these are vintage and were actually used to keep innocent babies warm.)

They even have non-living animals when you grocery shop at your local market.
Yes, I mean Walmart.
I started talking about coveting things from Burberry and ended with shopping at Walmart.  

I'm still figuring out my new home.
With this guy:
So, it's cool. 

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