Friday, January 11, 2013

Dreamy Lyrics Make Dream Decor

When I was a teenager and our family would visit New York I LOVED seeing 'Post No Bills' on walls everywhere.  I liked how minimal it was and even though it makes sense and you know what the message is, it's such a strange grouping of words.

Last year when I was in NYC I saw the prettiest 
'Post No Bills' sign ever.
I was with my two favorite ladies with one of my favorite pizzas: Lombardi's pepperoni and ricotta cheese.  Oh my gosh I'm so hungry right now.

I had a giant canvas waiting at home and now knew what I wanted to paint. Something neon coral/ orange with a creamy pistachio green in stencil letters.
 But it took me forever to decide on which lyrics to use.  I was really leaning toward's a TV on the Radio song, but I didn't want to use lyrics that would scare people when they came over and I wanted Wolf Parade incorporated in my home decor (naturally) and this could be my chance.  So I chose a line  from 'I'll Believe in Anything.'  It also took me even longer to finally hang it.

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