Monday, January 7, 2013

Who knew roll top desks could be so dreamy?

I don't have a 'Before' shot but just imagine a plain dark brown roll top desk that I bought on Craigslist and then image that I have tons of free time because I moved to a new city and don't know anyone and so I start to paint to fill my time.  

And here are the phases for my Roll Top:

 I considered writing a quote about Alabama or the South on the front but then I decided that would be too forced for me, so I settled on my trusty purple prince, Prince.  

And because I cannot stop using contact paper on everything. . . I added more pattern and color via my best friend, sticky, shiny contact paper.

I tried her in the bedroom but I wanted her to be seen by my fellow Prince lovers, but mostly I needed a catch-all in the main room.  Plus, this space was eventually needed for a second rolling rack.

And here she is, months later, in her rightful place:

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