Monday, January 7, 2013

Zebras might be my dream animal

Ah, zebras, you have everything a girl could want: stripes, black and white and smaller versions of horses.

My mom is obsessed with black and white animals and growing up we were surrounded by toys and pictures of her favorite animals: panda bears, zebras and snow leopards.

Snow leopards and pandas are fine, but zebras are my jam.

So when I saw this white lamp at Home Goods I knew what had to happen.


And florals, of course.

And baby zebra matches perfectly in the family room/ parlour/ living room/ library.
And clearly, between my two preferred home decor aesthetics, I've veered more towards the loud, brash, pattern on pattern type.

Now, when it comes to shoes, specifically Jeremy Scott sneakers, then we can talk pandas. 

I'd wear these so fast.
And maybe get front row seats as a Reward.

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