Friday, January 11, 2013

My Dreams of Bohemian Country Life Were A Bit Off

I had romantic notions that life near a forest would look like this:

But since moving to the South I have been apart of such activities and they actually look like this:
P.S. This is the county photo

And this photo is for the city-folk who might get upset when they saw a children so close to him:
(I really did re-take it for that reason.)

Anyway, comfy, not form fitting clothes that allow for maximum movement with nothing on your heads is actually how you do proper archery.  You'd think that a hat would be a useful item that everyone wears.  But unless it's a baseball hat, you will be teased.  I was shocked at all the comments from my new family-in-law when I wore this hat.
Totally pragmatic, right?
It was a hot and sunny day!

They reacted as if I was wearing this:
Yeah, I wish.

Anyway, so lesson learned.
What you see in magazines about country life does not translate to real life.  In Mississippi.  And you'd think this would be obvious but life in LA or NY really does look like editorials. 

But I haven't given up completely.  There are plenty of other rural photos I can try and recreate.  
Like basically everything from Vogue's 2008 Fashion Rocks issue staring Dhani Harrison and Sasha Pivovarova.

I'm almost positive my Mississippi Husband would wear a flower crown while playing chess in the woods.  Just as long we weren't in his father's camp (if you're Southern or a hunter you might know what this means).

Dreamy Lyrics Make Dream Decor

When I was a teenager and our family would visit New York I LOVED seeing 'Post No Bills' on walls everywhere.  I liked how minimal it was and even though it makes sense and you know what the message is, it's such a strange grouping of words.

Last year when I was in NYC I saw the prettiest 
'Post No Bills' sign ever.
I was with my two favorite ladies with one of my favorite pizzas: Lombardi's pepperoni and ricotta cheese.  Oh my gosh I'm so hungry right now.

I had a giant canvas waiting at home and now knew what I wanted to paint. Something neon coral/ orange with a creamy pistachio green in stencil letters.
 But it took me forever to decide on which lyrics to use.  I was really leaning toward's a TV on the Radio song, but I didn't want to use lyrics that would scare people when they came over and I wanted Wolf Parade incorporated in my home decor (naturally) and this could be my chance.  So I chose a line  from 'I'll Believe in Anything.'  It also took me even longer to finally hang it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dream Animals that Aren't Alive

I'm not a fan of live animals but pieces of animals?   
Yes please.  

Like Burberry's Fox-head belt. 

Or the claw boot from Friends of Mine.
If I don't own this at some point, 
then I don't know what.

Alligator Jaws? 
Best purchase I made in Florida.

And I'd say moving to the South has given me plenty of exposure to non-living animals. 
(It's OK these are vintage and were actually used to keep innocent babies warm.)

They even have non-living animals when you grocery shop at your local market.
Yes, I mean Walmart.
I started talking about coveting things from Burberry and ended with shopping at Walmart.  

I'm still figuring out my new home.
With this guy:
So, it's cool. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Twig and Tree

New Southern Dream Life

So now I have a new Southern gentleman husband . . . 

 . . . & four new kiddies (yes, 4), who I cannot stop taking photos of.  
I especially like it when they blend into my apartment.

Who knew the South would be so magical?

P.S. Someone sent me this necklace and I have no idea who but I love it more than kittens.

Dreamiest invention yet? Probably Contact Paper

Not only do I line all my shelves and drawers with it - but I can't stop putting in on my furniture as well.
I scoured TJ Maxx and Home Goods for rolls and rolls.  The more patterns and colors, the better.

For my mini-bookcase I used three different patterns (because I can't stop).  Plus, I considered painting the bookcase like the Roll Top but just the thought exhausted me.   

This night stand came off lucky since I only used one and one color of paint.

I dreamt I had money to buy an awesome sofa

I mean like real money, like ABC Carpet & Home money or Anthropologie money (don't act like they aren't high end - their prices and patterns are so alienating they screams 'high end').

But alas, I do not have said money, so I had to settle for a Rooms 2 Go sofa, which was tres comfy. 
And brown.
Again, like the Roll Top (not to be confused with Roll Tide), I do not have a before photo but you can imagine a plain (read: ugly) brown and black fabric-covered sofa.  I dare say it's made of terry.  

So I took two table cloths from World Market (my version of ABC Carpet & Home in AL) and stapled it to the back and bottom frame and wrapped two cushions in it.

Since it's backed against the wall, you can't even tell how horribly I stapled it to the back.
But soon that wasn't enough - with no experience and without reading about upholstery, I bought a few more table cloths and literally sewed it on the arms.

  Suddenly, a thimble sounded like the best invention in the world, but I was working with such bare bones material, I had to suffer instead.  

Of course, if you look closely you see seems don't meet or match but who's looking that closely?

Not this guy, he just wants to cuddle. 

Did I mention that in AL I met and married a MS boy?  He's so patient with my hobbies and interest as I am with his.

(I am still learning how to dress for these activities.)