Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dreaming of the Perfect Home . . . for a Camera

I am in love with my white Lumix DMC-LX5 
(I call her White Light).

But I have had a hard time finding 
the perfect camera case for it.

When I bought her at B&H I tried to fit her in the Leica leather case but it was a really tight fit and awkward to get into quickly.  
I considered keeping this as a tiny purse (the iPhone did fit in it) but, alas, I was being sensible that day.

The body wouldn't fit in this purple Smythson case but if it did I bet White Light would thank me for it's elegant, soft leather/suede home. 

Well if I want to be super chic and unrealistic I would treat White Light to a Lanvin camera case/bag.  
She'd have to go on an extensive diet but I know she'd be happy.  How many cameras get to live in a case that cost almost $2,000?  Um, don't answer that. 

Well compared to Lanvin, Alexander Wang's leopard print leather camera case is steal at $450.  
It looks roomy enough and I do love an animal print.  Perhaps this is a good option to dream about.    

This modern, psychedelic-nylon case by 
Marc By Marc Jacobs made my heart skip a beat.  
I had to order it and see it in real life, despite it's semi-ridiculous price.  However, the camera barely fit alone, let alone any of the accessories, so it had to go back.

Here's the practical option.  A vintage-inspired poly-vinyl cosmetic bag from Target.  
This one fits not only the camera, but the battery, the USB cable and the lens cloth. It's waterproof and it cost $10.  So for now this is where White Light is living. Considering how much we (my camera and I) love Target, I'd say I made the best choice possible.

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