Monday, February 6, 2012

I Dreamt I Did a DIY

I keep forgetting to write about the last DIY project I tackled.  

It all started in December.  I heard Riccardo Tisci had designed the t-shirts for the 'Ye/ 'Z Watch the Throne tour and I knew I had to have one.  

It would be my version of his barking dog 

or panther shirt, which were out of my budget.

And my dad needed one too.

I noticed the ones we bought did not have 
the monogrammed sleeves or the stars,

So my DIY project was born. 
After I cut an inch off the neck I slipped a thick piece of cardboard in the T to prevent bleeding to the other side.

My handy tools were a star stencil, white fabric paint and a small roller paint brush.

 I soon learned the best way to paint a star was to use masking tape (and the stencil as my guide) to create a star shape ready to color in and protect the fabric from the paint. 

After I peeled all the masking tape off (which was really satisfying) I saw that some white paint had bled onto the fabric making the stars looks fuzzy.  My mom suggested making the lines sharper by using a black sharpie and the stencil as my guide.  

I painted five stars on the front and four on the back because that's what 'Ye had.

For the initials on the sleeve I free handed them using a thin paint brush. They aren't perfect but I don't want people that close to my arms anyway.

All set to wear for the holiday parties.
I bought a concert t-shirt from a parking lot guy for my little sis (she went to the North Carolina show but didn't buy herself a shirt) for $5 because I am so generous.  Then I painted hers as well so it would be more presentable.  We loved being twins this year.

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