Friday, December 23, 2011

What I Wore . . .

I knew that wardrobe would be tres important when it came to the Kanye West + Jay Z concert, especially after hearing THIS story.   

And of course I wanted to look my bestest anyway 
for Jay Z

and Kanye West 
our of respect for how they present themselves.

 I contemplated going dressed like this 
but, timing did not allow for the necessary preparations 
so I settled for a Kid Cudi look:

 This requires a little boy's blazer from Deseret Industries,checked button down from J. Crew, a skinny burgundy tie bought years ago for a Franz Ferdinand concert, 

even skinnier H&M jeans (my mom took them in to make them more anorexic),  and my 1996 Jack Purcell's, which I was recently asked to throw away.

I went with my comrade Bek and as you can see 
we were in a state of ecstasy:

The Mens certainly delivered.

Two stages that would rise and fall to the occasion.  Movies of Great White Sharks.  Multiples costume changes on Ye's part and none for J.  That's ALL I want in life.

  Oh wait, there was something else I wanted.

At the LA show the night before they played 'Ninjas in Paris' 9 times.  I wanted to beat the record by 1.  

Thank you boys for making that dream come true.

And I'm sorry Bek, I know you wanted them to stop at 3.

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