Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day Dreaming in the Capital

I spent 8 hours walking around our fake Paris and it was a dream.

I had stikman to keep me company.

Roxy Paine was there to remind me that industrial
can also be organic (and so pretty to look at).

Doesn't this door remind you of that
other glorious capital, Mexico DF?
I know, me too.

'This is morality, this is eternity.'
And this is what Mark di Suvero created all by himself.

I almost spent half of my day at the National Gallery.

I've found that I have come to appreciate
Natural History museums in general
(and is this bird about to be impaled?).

The surprise of the day was how much I loved

They had peinetas,

letter openers of my dreams
(how easy would it be to crush those bones?),

and historical reproductions (um, I'm not sure how I feel about buying a Confederate-grey hat).

I am not an overly enthusiastic Wizard of Oz fan (I do love poppies though), but I thought this design was especially smart.

A day filled with countless (free) museums.
Thank You America and Thank You James Smithson.

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