Monday, September 19, 2011

Dream Juxtapositions / Dream Decade

I hope my commentary of the 90s doesn't grow too tiresome, but since you brought it up, I must say, one of my favorite things about the decade was the vast contrasts and contradictions in fashion.

Everyone talks about 90s minimalism
and there was plenty of that

but there were also moments of over the top fun.
Thank goodness Kate Moss was such a good/hot chameleon.

For example in December of 1992 there was the
famous grunge story shot by Steven Meisel

and then months later in February 1993 we have this
garden party story shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

In December of 1992 American Vogue published
one of their most classic, timeless covers:

Then the next month they came out with this mess:
I get it, you couldn't choose between Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis and Ralph Lauren (I liked those collections too) but this was just too much.

Even my beloved Bazaar got in on the confusion/ fun.
Their January 1993 cover made me wonder if clown couture was going to be acceptable in everyday life (I did literally wonder if I could pull off these pants in high school).

Then the next month they had a cover so sparse,
even color wasn't allowed.

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