Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Dreamy First Ladies

was a dream come true.

I loved seeing the real sizes of First Ladies.

Like Jackie Kennedy
really was as thin as she appeared

And Hillary Clinton's waist was much smaller than I thought.
Good for you Hillary.
What will happen if she's elected President?
Will one of Bill's suits be inducted?

But as far as skinny First Ladies go,
Mary Todd Lincoln was the thinnest of them all.
I was surprised because she had such a robust face.

Jason Wu's gown for Michelle Obama did not disappoint.

I loved Helen 'Nellie' Taft's dress.
The cascading details on the sleeve made my heart race.

I would wear Grace Coolidge's dress today.
The lighting made it look black but the
original color was much more fashion forward.
No one wants a First Lady who's always playing it safe.

And maybe I'd wear Florence Harding's gown too.
Could I get away with this dress now? Maybe to a wedding. Like my own wedding? I'd wear it to the Venice Film Festival for sure. Not Cannes though.

I must say Rosalynn Carter was an intrepid lady
for wearing an 'I Dream of Jeannie' themed
two-piece ensemble to the inaugural balls of 1977. Not because of the gold and blue chiffon but because she had already worn this six years earlier when Jimmy Carter was elected as governor of Georgia.
Cheers to you Mrs. Carter for wearing vintage.

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