Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dreamiest Week of September: NY Fashion Week - Part 4 / Fin

Look, if there's one thing you need to know about Spring/Summer 2012 it's this:

At first I thought I was imaging things because I'm obsessed with white dresses, which I think started when I saw Natalie Wood in West Side Story. (Seriously, my current Spring/Summer wardrobe is 70% white -- ask my friends/family).

But then on day 3 of NY Fashion Week I knew I wasn't imagining things -- there were collections that were Only white (I'm talking to you Gregory Parkinson, my new obsession and love).

To make sense of it all I started with my trusty inspirations from the National Gallery.

This is what I discovered:

Grecian Gowns

Voluminous Details

Classic, Modest, Minimal All Around

Luann, I mean L'Wren Scott

Sheer Sheer Sheer

Babydoll Dresses



Initially I was proud of myself for narrowing down the number of looks to 200. It pained me to get it to 100 and I gave up any hope of happiness when I went down to 50. I settled for 3o mostly because I wasn't sure blogger could handle any more awesomeness. Oscar de la Renta and Ralph Lauren in particular were really hard to narrow down.

Here were a few more:

I mean, if Thom Browne is doing an all-white look,
you know it means something.

Get ready for the White on White once the warmer months roll around.

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