Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dream Donuts Almost in Mexico

When a friend suggested a donut run I was hesitant.

1. We had JUST gone on a 7-11 run and I had an ice cream sandwich, laffy taffy AND chocolate.
2. I have tried to stop eating donuts because I will eat them until I get sick (my record for a 20 hour day was 16 donuts).
3. It was really hot and eating fried food and wearing tight shorts in the heat did not sound like a good time.
4. Suggested place was a good 15 minute drive away.

I was so wrong.

Peterson's Donut Corner did turn out to be the donut shop of my dreams. (Is it still a shop if you can't enter the establishment - but order and eat outside?)

Delicious, giant donuts made fresh every day.

Plus, did I mention the charming decor?

I was having a real Arrested Development moment there.
Tight shorts were not the best wardrobe choice
but my Brandy Melville tank was perfect.
So baggy. So comfy.

There are so many things I like about this photo.

If the donuts are too rich you can always buy leche o agua
at the market next store.

Here is all the important information:

Escondido, California, gracias por las rosquillas.

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