Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dreaming of the Olden Days

I wonder if Seventeen from the 90s
was really as depeche mode
as I thought it was.
OK, OK maybe American flag earrings aren't timeless, but look how cute and non-annoying Cameron Diaz looks here. I love the sparse headlines and simple hair and makeup. I get a headache when I see the magazine covers today. But maybe the kids like it?

Is it pretentious to say that we were more sophisticated then?
(I still have this issue. Boy cut bathing suit bottoms in bright yellow, bare face, a giant towel as the accessory. I'm in love!)

They had Kate Moss before anyone else in the States did.

I remember being jealous of her cheekbones from this story.

Am I deluding myself if I say you could wear this dress now?
No, it's really cute right?

And look what they did to Drew Barrymore.

Not to mention that Sofia Coppola was a
constant in the magazine
starting back from her acting days
(we know, not her finest career endeavor)

This is a fun story (and yes, this covers totally disproves my 'Seventeen was ahead of its time and so above the cheesy part of the 90s' theory).
In the 'letters to the magazine' section the readers responded to this cover calling the model fat. I love a skinny girl just as much as the next girl but I did not think this girl looked fat. I should try and find them and scan them so you'll believe me.
See, we did need Kate Moss.
(Oh great, now I look like a jerk.)

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