Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dreaming of Rainy Days

I'm flying to DC this weekend and even though I missed Irene
it will still be raining everyday
so maybe I should adopt a Mary Poppins wardrobe?
You know, for the umbrella.
And the hat.
And the bow tie.
I'd start off with a striped Pagoda umbrella
from Umbrellas.Net.

Maybe I should bring a Parasol too,
in case the sun comes up --
and for jumping into chalk drawings.

Don't worry I'll have my version of a bottomless
carpetbag to bring all this along.
That's because I'd bring 10 iomoi canvas bags
with different designs on each.

Naturally, I'll turn to Maison Michelle
for a perfect, tiny-brimmed hat.

I better have an Apron from Anthropologie--
so those kids' sticky little hands
don't get my nice outfit dirty.
Plus this one is called 'Tea-And-Crumpets,' brilliant!

Of course I'll bring my tie to complete the look.

Ah never mind, I already had my flying nanny days.

Plus I don't know any children in The Capital.

Maybe I'll keep the tie
and go for a Victor/Victoria look.

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