Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dream Store

The first time I walked into

I wanted to move in.

So did Anna -- her Home is just like her store.

One day I am going to dedicate a room in my house to her.

Maybe my closet
so it can look like Anna's closet.

and Art Nouveau-esque wallpaper

over every inch.

The greatest Ikea frame ever will be hung up empty
(so you can stare at the wallpaper).

With a smattering of
vintage concert posters
courtesy of Classic Posters.

This dream closet will be big enough for a
(Chaise lounge if you're from the States and
chaise longue if you're from Europe),
where I'll leisurely stare at my
clothes from Anna's Fall 2011 collection.

I'm excited to have a gold 70s moment this fall

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