Friday, August 19, 2011

What I Wore . . .

. . .When I wanted to dress 'Autumn' in the never-ending summer.
A black felt hat.

I know about the different styles of hats

and I KNOW this isn't a Spanish Cordobes hat

-- it's a Pork Pie
(that I bought at the lovely Village Scandal).
But I love convincing myself this is more Spanish
than the alternative.
Images of Spain are more lovely to contemplate than say,
images of Boy George.

I know the pork pie was worn by Buster Keaton
and Gene Hackman
but for some reason I think '80s' when I hear 'pork pie.'
And 'a savory British meal.'

Maybe I need to make the plunge to a wider brim
for everyday use.
So I can stop deluding myself.

But back to dressing fall-in-the-summer . . .

I still can't stop wearing these Isabel Toledo's shoes
from her first Payless collaboration.
They satisfy my newly instated heel height requirement for shoes.

And I can walk in them for hours.
Plus, I adore her and her husband Ruben and like wearing anything that reminds me of them. They walked past me during my last NYC trip and I got a bit giddy. They are just as small and beautiful as you would imagine.

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