Monday, August 22, 2011

Dreaming of Sweets

When my sobrinos came to visit
we went on a walking tour to the best places to get all things sugary and sweet.

Normally I am not a fan of saltwater taffy
but I am obsessed with the taffy here,
especially the purple huckleberry.

They don't just sell taffy, they have old-time candy too.
Remember this gum?
I think it lost its flavor after 4 seconds
but the packaging is near perfect.

Next up: Main Street.

We passed on the frozen bananas and donuts.
We were tempted because they smelled so good,
but we had to pace ourselves.

Balboa Candy has two locations and we chose the Newport Peninsula one because I wanted chocolate covered honey comb ASAP.

I love the barrels of candy.

I never branch out to the vintage candy they have
but I love looking at the packaging.

We headed to Balboa Pier for dinner at Ruby's
and by dinner I mean the best milkshakes ever.

Sobrinos still had some energy
so I decided we should head to Balboa Island
before the sugar crash hit.

We walked to Marine Av

and passed the original Balboa Candy

and went straight to Too Sweet.

By then, Holi was the only one who could eat more.

We had intentions of getting a famous frozen banana
in honor of Arrested Development
but we were too sick to even move.

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  1. I want candy! Candy on the beach, there's nothing better... but I like candy wrapped in a sweater.