Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dreaming of Someone to Plait My Hair

I've always loved when other people did my hair.

Even when it hurts, I've enjoyed it.

My absolute favorite hair stylist is this lady, the one with the MBA and law degree, the one who loves the camera.

The above photos were from when Stacey
re-created this masterpiece (from BHLN):
I think she did an amazing job, but I get shy
so there are no good photos of her work.

On my birthday I gave her this photo
and she did her version of it as one of
my many presents. Isn't she just the best?

I thought this would stump her:
but she did it without any difficulty.
Just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

I'm seeing Stacey next week
and I already have my ribbon
so we can attempt this lovely:

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