Monday, December 19, 2011

Dreamy Mens and Dreamy Rhymes

One night in NY, my clever friend Brigham 
asked me if I got my 'knickers in Paris.'
I replied, 'No, NY.'

Oh man!  

I completely missed his play on words which was ridiculous because I had JUST been talking (Read: bragging) about my upcoming Jay Z + Kanye West concert.  AND I had just told him they played 'Ninjas in Paris' 3 times when my sister saw them in North Carolina and he said they played it 5 times in Atlanta.  

How many times would they play it in LA we wondered?  (More on that later.)

But back to my Mens in Paris.

The song has such simple rhymes that are a perfect mix of West Egg, East Egg and Ghetto Egg.  Geniuses!  

So in honor of Kanye's extensive fashion education that just won't stop, I took a trip to Saks to smell 'untitled,' Maison Martin Margiela's first perfume.  
Well it wasn't entirely for his honor, since the scent made its way to the US in April I alway stop at the Saks in NY (their display is better than the one in LA) to smell it.  

And isn't Saks on 5th Ave so pretty at Christmas?
I'm unsure about how I feel about wearing the perfume, which is why I'm content to just smell on occasion and not buy.

I almost bought the pen they created for Opening Ceremony but could not justify it when I already had an orange feather pen bought at the Folger Shakespeare Library in DC.  See how practical I am?

There was a great photo from Vogue which I could not find of the Margiela staff, including its head designer with obscured faces, wearing matching lab coats.     

I am so tempted to take advantage of Vogue's ridiculous offer to charge $1,575 for one year's access to their newly digitized 119 years of archives.  Then I could post the Margiela photo.  Maybe if was $1,575 for 5 years of access, but one year?  I'm not there yet.    

In the meantime I will just dream of the clothes: 

(I wouldn't really wear the plastic seat-cushion you put over your furniture to protect it form life.  But I would love to wear a mini-military coat.)

And the shoes!  

If I could rewind to 2009 I'd do everything I could to buy these:   

 Don't even get me started on the 'toe shoes.'
 I think Kanye would approve.

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