Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dreaming of a Street Life

My favorite thing to do in NY (other than wear a hat
is to walk around and take photos.

 People in NY are so clever it warms my heart.

I want this ad to be my Christmas wrapping paper.

A little kid was fascinated by all these pigeons 
but I was just angered.

This guy had such a nasty look on his face, 
yet he was inviting me to lunch. 
Oh, those French.

It looks like this car lost a fight with the streets of NY.

Pop-up stores are the Christmas bonus the city gives you for surviving another year there.

This bunny just looked like he was having the best time ever.

I made a special trip out of my way (6 blocks) to take this photo during the day after I drove past it at night.  

Basically I'll do anything for Bryan Ferry.

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