Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dreamy Museum Exhibit - Interactive

There were many reasons for my recent trip to New York -- one of them was to ride a slide.

Back in 2007
Mitch & Niall rode on the Carsten Holler slide at the Tate Modern. I was incredibly jealous. The saddest part? I went to the Tate that year but it was a few weeks after it closed.

So when I heard that The New Museum was opening an exhibit called: Carsten Holler: Experience, I almost passed out from happiness.

Day One in New York I practically ran to the museum and paid full price to enter.

The Mirror Carousal was charming
and I enjoyed riding it,
even though it was slower than a turtle.

The Untitled (Slide) lived up to my every expectation. Especially since there wasn't a line and
I got to ride twice without waiting.
And the live birds brought the outdoors in,
in a perfectly creepy way.

The Giant Psycho Tank was closed that day, but with a name like that, I probably would have passed on it anyway. If I want to be scared I'll just fly to London and see The Woman in Black.

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  1. I'm so glad you finally got to slide in a museum!!