Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dream Shoppe - New York Edition

When a business is called Old Village Hall
it deserves to be called a 'shoppe.'
It's charming and macabre
which happen to be my two favorite things.
Needless to say it's one of my
favorite places in the East Village.

They sell things like a T-shirt of my dear Edgar.

They have products with names like 'Robespierre.'
Would you want to carry a Muslin Tote named after the Dictateur Sanguinaire (Bloodthirsty Dictator)?
I would too.

Actually I'd prefer a pillow named after her:
Maybe my Antoinette Pillow . . .
. . . could live in peace with my Robespierre tote?

My favorite print?

The School Boys series.
Of Course.
I'd love to sit on those Chairs
and put my untidy unmentionables in the Laundry Bag.

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